Windows to the Soul
2nd November 2015

It is said they the eyes are the Windows to the Soul. Mesmerizing, they draw you into an image. Eyes are probably one of the most powerful attributes of the face. So many different looks can also be achieved with good grooming and the application of make-up.

Here are a few different images from a fun shoot with Julia, It’s hard not to be drawn straight to her eyes, it’s quite clear just how powerful and striking her eyes are. With a gentle stroke of a brush and the application of some eye shadow you get one look, and so on. We kicked this shoot off with a simple plain look, and Sarah built it up by enhancing the eyes.

Often an invaluable team member on a shoot, the make-up artist can be the very person who makes the difference between transforming a concept and making it become a reality. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with a few amazing¬† MU artists on some fun shoots and fingers crossed on a few more to come.

Anyway!¬† Me I’ll stick to shooting the images and leave the face painting to those that know what they are doing.


Julia Rose Canning @ Colours Agency

Sarah Atkinson MUA