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Smokin Hot

Sometimes I come up with a wacky idea, some might even say MAD!  I might just fall into that later category! Wait! I must be….it’s part of the job description. Smokin Hot was created with the use of professional smoke bombs. Never having used smoke bombs before, I thought I’d give it a go. They
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Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and ghouls and more about costumes and candy. Trick or Treat is the cry of kids across the land as they run from door to door looking to fill bags with goodies. A wee Halloween TREAT to lift your spirits!   Halloween Facts: Halloween is the night before
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Beauty in the Landscape

Beauty in the landscape is from a very recent shoot with the lovely Hannah. For a few weeks I watched as farmers in the local area and across the country harvested their fields leaving in their tracks these huge bales of straw. These great shapes intrigued me to a point I simply had to do
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Harvest Dance

OK! I simply had to post this one all on it’s own….probably one of my favourites from Harvest Dance. In full and glorious COLOUR. Harvest Dance captures the graceful beauty and movement of dance against a twilight sky. This image has an ethereal beauty about it, as Hannah glides effortlessly over the freshly cut straw.
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Big Bale of Straw

Here is another big bale of straw,this time from a slightly different angle. In this set the lovely Hannah is rocking the country farm girl look. Rather well might I just add. The weather on the night was eventually kind to me even though I got a soaking getting set up….it’s all part of the
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Old Girl

This ‘old girl’ is a 1961 Classic Alvis. And yes she is older than me! Bu a good few years too might I just add! This old lady is a beauty, her lines and curves are head-turners. When my colleague Martin called me about this shoot I at first miss understood exactly what he had
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Crop Dancer

Here is an image or should I say a few images from a recent shoot. The weather all day had been good and there was no rain forecast….well it is Scotland and we are not strangers to sudden changes in the weather. I turned up at the location earlier than planned and carried all the
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Crimson Sky

I much prefer everything in mono but there are exceptions from time to time.


Put some clothes on!

Cover Girl

Recently we were honoured to be asked by a leading wedding magazine (To Have & To Hold) if we would supply an image for the cover of their magazine. Naturally we said yes. To Have & To Hold wedding magazine is a high quality, free of charge publication and is received by thousands of future
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