Old Girl
13th October 2015

This ‘old girl’ is a 1961 Classic Alvis. And yes she is older than me! Bu a good few years too might I just add! This old lady is a beauty, her lines and curves are head-turners.

When my colleague Martin called me about this shoot I at first miss understood exactly what he had said and thought he was gibbering on about Elvis, when in fact it was Alvis.

Personally I had never heard of this make before, but one thing is for sure….they don’t make them like they used to. I think she is a V6 (I’m not really into motors!)

I have possibly gone slightly OTT on this edit but I just quite like the colours.

This ‘old girl’ is going to be part of a small fleet being put together with weddings and corporate business in mind. I hope she has many happy miles left in her.tf Classic Alvis-1


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