Hook..Line and Singer
30th October 2016

Hook..line and singer Justin Bieber out on Loch Leven for some R&R during his stay at Kinross House.

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice and I would normally¬†agree, but for me it has struck three times, on three consecutive days and I’m not complaining! ūüėČ

I rolled up¬†in Kinross nice and sharp for a third day in a row, it was straight to the local bakers for a coffee….One cannot start the day without¬†a brew!

A quiet word in my ear and it was down onto the shore in search of ‘The Bieber’. Rumor had it ¬†he was heading out on a boat. I did not have too long to wait. There he was bobbing along with a member of his security team and a local ghillie driving the boat, not forgetting the little dog that Justin took along for the ride.

The pop superstar made the¬†most of his 90 minutes on the loch with a stop off to visit the island that is home to¬†Kinross Castle.¬†Imagine being imprisoned in this island stronghold. Mary Queen of Scots was once a guest here, but her former host turned her jailer in 1567. … The tower house where Mary was held is one of Scotland‚Äôs oldest, built in the 1300s.

There was also time for a spot of fishing. Not a bad way to relax before heading to G-town for the second of his three sell-out concerts at the Hydro.

This was not a tale of the one that got away…it was very much a case of Hook..Line and Singer.




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