She Wolf
16th October 2015

This shoot was a challenge from start to finish. So the concept of ‘She Wolf’ came to me and I thought…Wouldn’t it be great if I could¬† shoot on location with a real wolf. STOP! I said…Tom you live in Glasgow…where do you think you are going to find a wolf that you can work with. There was my challenge to myself.

So I set about making a few enquiries and it was not long before I heard of a lady in North Ayrshire who had a wolf. Some charm and persuasion from me and I was given the green light.

Now, Kali’s owner told me that if we turned up and the wolf didn’t like us then it would not be safe to attempt the shoot. Her next sentence gave me hope…go to a butcher and buy a load of liver and bake it, allow to cool and chop up and bring with you. Kali loves baked liver.

Well armed with a big tin of liver we arrived and were introduced to Kali, she accepted us…just as long as we kept her plied with liver.

Kali is a genuine wolf hybrid (Timber Wolf) and she is from Czechoslovakia. She is named after the Hindu Goddess of Love & Destruction.








The VERY brave and stunning Lois was wearing pieces from The Harris Tweed collection.