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Trainspotting 2

The cameras started rolling on various sets for the long awaited Trainspotting 2 this week. Little did Danny Boyle and his team know that his cameras were not the only ones in the vicinity. We had day all to ourselves which was a nice wee bonus…this has been on the schedule for some time. It’s always
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Vintage Bride

Vintage Bride There are some talented people out there, and on this latest blog I am featuring the work  of the very talented Claire Gunn who is both owner and designer @ Vintage Bridal Boutique. Claire is a new specialist design business based in Glasgow, established in August 2015. Designing and making a range of exquisitely unique,
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Birds Eye View

Thought I’d kick off this week with one from the archive, Birds Eye View is a mini collection of images from a shoot with the amazing Rebecca. The room in which these images were created is quite something, with stunning stained glass windows and a cast iron spiral staircase to the mezzanine floor. The ceiling
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Seat at the Window

Seat at the Window   Seat at the window, she is sat there elegant and graceful, and with perfect composure. A slightly demure look about her?……NAH! It’s Kim….she simply has a natural talent for looking good….and it shows in every image. A large window, an old chair, oh and I almost forgot…a stunning model. This combination makes for a
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Foxy Lady

This Foxy Lady is none other than the super talented Ashley Brown, the Scottish lass who appeared on  Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model and also in America’s Next Top Model British Invasion. It was by sheer chance I met Ashley when she was presenting at some lavish event in G-town. We got chatting and before long
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A Bird in the Hand…

A bird in the hand…. Is worth two in the bush. It’s better to have a lesser but certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may come to nothing. No this is not an English lesson about proverbs etc, It is however all about the birds and very nice birds they are too.
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Knock Knock….Who’s there?

Knock Knock…..Who’s there? Bird in a Cage…Puzzled?…Read on…;) Time to share yet another of my wacky creations with you all, and why not. This one was again shot down at the castle.This rather regal looking front door is certainly not mine! This door has always intrigued me, I can only imagine what life would have been like back
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Stephanie 4 of 4

Well, Not only does this bring us to the last in the 4 part blog featuring the lovely Stephanie. It brings us pretty close to the year end and what a year it has been. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new year will be just as good. I have a feeling this will
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Stephanie 2 of 4

Well, this is the second installment of the dynamic Stephanie. Here Stephanie is wearing some rather elegant gowns. I’ve thrown in a splash of colour into this post for the simple reason this gown just has to be seen in all it’s glorious technicolor, and secondly the gown itself is somewhat colourful.  

Stephanie 1 of 4

This is Stephanie…It would be a shame not to share her with you. I’m not going to waffle on as words are not really necessary. More of this young lady before the end of 2015.

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