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Artwork. To many artwork is something you hang on a wall, a painting or a sculpture. Art, its a pretty broad subject. The definition of art : the use of creative skill and imagination to produce something beautiful. To the hundreds if not thousands of people drawn to this event each year they are walking
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White Rose

White Rose White Rose….One attractive model, two very different looks. Here we have an elegant yet slightly demure bridal portrait on one hand and on the other we have what can only be described as a rather theatrical androgynous look. The bridal look portrays beauty, elegance and innocence set against the dark backdrop, while the opposite could
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Mysterious Girl

Mysterious girl, another one from the archive.  This image is from a  shoot a while back. There was no specific structure or brief for the shoot, just a load of gowns, clobber and material; what we ended up with were some great images. If my memory serves me well the day was a bit of
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