Mysterious Girl
26th October 2015

Mysterious girl, anotherTFP_7873-2-F600x600 one from the archive.  This image is from a  shoot a while back. There was no specific structure or brief for the shoot, just a load of gowns, clobber and material; what we ended up with were some great images. If my memory serves me well the day was a bit of a laugh. All good fun, no mad pressure just shooting for the pure hell of it. Oh, and it worked!  For a number of reasons this image has remained a wee favourite of mine, I love the mystery, the fact that the model is hidden behind the veil, her identity kept a secret, with only eye and lip detail visible. Her look to is quite demure and intriguing. The black & white just nails this image for me too. Mysterious girl was without a doubt a stick-on for a title.

I always try to take a little time on a shoot to experiment, try something a little different….Why not? I enjoy the challenge of creating an image that is in itself a little different.

I am spontaneous and rarely know exactly just what I’m going to end up with until a shoot gets under way. Yes we can all stick to a brief ( that’s easy) and when a particular shot or look is requested by the client we deliver..but when that is achieved and in the bag that’s when the  pressure is off of everyone; so creative minds have that inbuilt knack of getting creative. I tend to find this is when the magic happens. It can sometimes be a MUA wanting to try out something, the model looking for something a little bit different for her portfolio or in the case of the photographer the opportunity to try out a new piece of kit or a lighting arrangement.


As I have chosen to start this blog and share it with you all I will be dipping  in and out of the archives as well as posting some new material. Most of what will be posted here will be images from personal projects.

Who is she? She is the Mysterious Girl! 😉