A Bird in the Hand…
15th January 2016

A bird in the hand….

Is worth two in the bush.

It’s better to have a lesser but certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may come to nothing.

No this is not an English lesson about proverbs etc, It is however all about the birds and very nice birds they are too. Well the feathered ones anyway.  😉

I’m mixing things up again in this set of images, I can’t help myself. Hats, feathers, frocks,birds etc. This was another of my jaunts down to ‘the castle’ and I am hoping to be back down real soon.

What do we have here then? Birds, various varieties! We have the feathered and un-feathered.  Three rather striking young ladies, some stunning millinery form Le Hat Noir and a couple of birds of prey courtesy of Alan Rotheray. Put all these ingredients together and the magic just happens. I must point out though; the faces on the girls when they took hold of the raptors for the first time told a very different story.









There are a few shoots in the mixing pot right now that will be a little Avant-garde. The time might just be right to re visit the kingdom. I much prefer the b&w over the colour here, having said that the colour looked good in the paper.



TF BIRDS-njbw1

Hats by the fabulously talented Le Hat Noir.



Models: Holly Rodgers, Nieve King and Sophie Benton.




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