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A collection of images from a  shoot with Julia. There was no specific brief for this one, sometimes it can be quite interesting having absolutely no plan, in fact on this occasion one could say we pretty much winged it. The make up artist at work is something to behold, like an artist building up an oil
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Topsy Turvy Tutu

  Topsy Turvy Tutu   For this one I think my head might have been a little Topsy Turvy Tutu, however the Tutu looks not too bad, not to mention the rather attractive looking Kim wearing said tutu, of course it is the tutu that is the focal point of this image isn’t it? 😉 Who would take
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Smokin Hot

Sometimes I come up with a wacky idea, some might even say MAD!  I might just fall into that later category! Wait! I must be….it’s part of the job description. Smokin Hot was created with the use of professional smoke bombs. Never having used smoke bombs before, I thought I’d give it a go. They
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Mysterious Girl

Mysterious girl, another one from the archive.  This image is from a  shoot a while back. There was no specific structure or brief for the shoot, just a load of gowns, clobber and material; what we ended up with were some great images. If my memory serves me well the day was a bit of
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