Little Angels & Little Demons
7th January 2016

Staying on the wedding theme one more time…..

I’m going to mention those adorable little creatures that so very often and  inadvertently steal the limelight if not the entire show.

This can be when they are behaving like little angels or indeed like little demons. I am referring to the children attending weddings. However, these little rogues throw up an array of photographic opportunities ( but be warned… you have to be quick to catch them).

As is more often the case these days couples are tying the knot after they have started a family so the kids are immensely important and if ( and it happens) a 4 year old girl or boy wants no part in the formalities then as the photographer charged with capturing the big day I’m faced with the added challenge of capturing said child as bast as possible. I find letting them settle into the day and leaving them to their own devises  works best….This can even result in a child crashing out.(as one little chap did) One major plus for me is that I no longer shoot weddings alone, there are two of us covering every aspect of the day.

Capturing the little ones candidly can be a tall order and a challenge, but with a little patience and of course speed the little monkeys offer up fantastic opportunities for images..

I won’t go into any great detail right now, instead I’ll leave you with just a few of my personal favorites, each with it’s very own story behind it. As to whether they are angels or demons I’ll leave that for you to determine. Don’t be fooled by cuteness!

For more about weddings  follow this link to: DSC_6334 BW-F600x600 EAC 143-F600x600 KC_0209bw-F600x600 TF-LAP_0066bw-F600x600

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