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Vintage Bride

Vintage Bride There are some talented people out there, and on this latest blog I am featuring the work  of the very talented Claire Gunn who is both owner and designer @ Vintage Bridal Boutique. Claire is a new specialist design business based in Glasgow, established in August 2015. Designing and making a range of exquisitely unique,
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Boclair House Hotel

It has taken just over a year to transform what was once council offices into the 5* Boclair House Hotel. The newest and most exciting not to mention stunning hotel and wedding venue in Scotland. Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group have excelled themselves with every attention to detail. There are exquisite furnishings throughout, the 12 suites are
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Birds Eye View

Thought I’d kick off this week with one from the archive, Birds Eye View is a mini collection of images from a shoot with the amazing Rebecca. The room in which these images were created is quite something, with stunning stained glass windows and a cast iron spiral staircase to the mezzanine floor. The ceiling
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White Rose

White Rose White Rose….One attractive model, two very different looks. Here we have an elegant yet slightly demure bridal portrait on one hand and on the other we have what can only be described as a rather theatrical androgynous look. The bridal look portrays beauty, elegance and innocence set against the dark backdrop, while the opposite could
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Little Angels & Little Demons

Staying on the wedding theme one more time….. I’m going to mention those adorable little creatures that so very often and  inadvertently steal the limelight if not the entire show. This can be when they are behaving like little angels or indeed like little demons. I am referring to the children attending weddings. However, these little rogues
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YES. i Do!

I am frequently asked the question. Do you shoot weddings? Answer: Yes i Do! I cover (that should technically say ‘we’ cover) a limited number of weddings each year and thoroughly enjoy capturing all the excitement and emotion that goes along with each and every wedding.Every wedding is unique, just as every couple are unique, no two weddings
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Smokin Hot

Sometimes I come up with a wacky idea, some might even say MAD!  I might just fall into that later category! Wait! I must be….it’s part of the job description. Smokin Hot was created with the use of professional smoke bombs. Never having used smoke bombs before, I thought I’d give it a go. They
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If you go down to the woods today

If you go down to the woods today…… Somehow I doubt if you would be so lucky as to find the amazing Rebecca. Rocking a wedding gown and a biker jacket…What a combo! What an image! What a girl!  

Old Girl

This ‘old girl’ is a 1961 Classic Alvis. And yes she is older than me! Bu a good few years too might I just add! This old lady is a beauty, her lines and curves are head-turners. When my colleague Martin called me about this shoot I at first miss understood exactly what he had
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