Beauty in the Landscape
28th October 2015

Beauty in the landscape is from a very recent shoot with the lovely Hannah. For a few weeks I watched as farmers in the local area and across the country harvested their fields leaving in their tracks these huge bales of straw. These great shapes intrigued me to a point I simply had to do something.

Me being me, my thoughts were to create a contrasting image. A strong vibrant colour would be the perfect contrast, place a stunning model on top of a bale of straw wearing  red …I chose red as I had a huge piece of red fabric that had come in handy on a couple of occasions previously. A gentle breeze would help add a little additional drama and interest to the end image as it carried the material. Well as you can see it did all of the above and we have’ Beauty in the Landscape.’

DSC_2577pced-1SMeOn the particular day of this shoot everything was fine, the weather was nice with some sunshine and the sky was…well as you can see, nice and dramatic with good cloud formation. I thought great! Hang on a minute!! Over the city to the west I could see rain….Oh no! Don’t head this way….but it did and when it arrived it poured down. Fortunately I had a few bin liners which were very quickly over the lights. It was only a heavy shower, I was soaked through though!! Never one for giving up I stayed the course and a short while later all was well again. Hannah turned up bang on time and we got to work.Working on location presents it’s own unique set of hurdles and in Scotland the main one has to be the weather.

DSC_2587bwedit-F600x600Here I have included a black and white image. I have popped this one in  purely to illustrate that while an image can lack colour it does not have to lose any of its dramatic effect. The red fabric when converted to mono takes on a very different look against the backdrop of the sky and freshly cut field.

Beauty in the landscape October 2015.

Huge thanks again to Hannah for working with me on this one.


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  • Martin
    28th October 2015

    Love the colour image.

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