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An African Wedding

An African Wedding: This was a day I had looked forward to for quite some time, in fact I did wonder at one stage a while back if Bayile would ever tie the knot. Then she met Sam and things got serious…and as they say… the rest is history, An African Wedding was on the cards.
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Birds Eye View

Thought I’d kick off this week with one from the archive, Birds Eye View is a mini collection of images from a shoot with the amazing Rebecca. The room in which these images were created is quite something, with stunning stained glass windows and a cast iron spiral staircase to the mezzanine floor. The ceiling
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White Rose

White Rose White Rose….One attractive model, two very different looks. Here we have an elegant yet slightly demure bridal portrait on one hand and on the other we have what can only be described as a rather theatrical androgynous look. The bridal look portrays beauty, elegance and innocence set against the dark backdrop, while the opposite could
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Foxy Lady

This Foxy Lady is none other than the super talented Ashley Brown, the Scottish lass who appeared on  Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model and also in America’s Next Top Model British Invasion. It was by sheer chance I met Ashley when she was presenting at some lavish event in G-town. We got chatting and before long
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Stephanie 1 of 4

This is Stephanie…It would be a shame not to share her with you. I’m not going to waffle on as words are not really necessary. More of this young lady before the end of 2015.

Timeless Classic

A timeless classic that is clear to see. This is another of those occasions where I’m in a monochrome state of mind. Striping back the complexity of colour to the bare tones of an image..immersing myself in shades of grey. The only colour I am interested in at this time is a fluid red. French in origin and
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Mono or Colour

Mono or Colour? The question that there is no definitive right or wrong answer for! With the software available at out fingertips these days the end result can be rather different from the original image out of the camera. This is a portrait which I shot against a bright yellow wall. It’s a rather striking
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Smokin Hot

Sometimes I come up with a wacky idea, some might even say MAD!  I might just fall into that later category! Wait! I must be….it’s part of the job description. Smokin Hot was created with the use of professional smoke bombs. Never having used smoke bombs before, I thought I’d give it a go. They
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Beauty in the Landscape

Beauty in the landscape is from a very recent shoot with the lovely Hannah. For a few weeks I watched as farmers in the local area and across the country harvested their fields leaving in their tracks these huge bales of straw. These great shapes intrigued me to a point I simply had to do
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Dust Dance

When I found out she could dance the concept of Dust Dance just hit me. I knew straight away that it would again be something of a challenge. And a challenge it was. My concept was to create a set of images which illustrated dance and movement, but with the addition of something else. Something
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