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Knock Knock….Who’s there?

Knock Knock…..Who’s there? Bird in a Cage…Puzzled?…Read on…;) Time to share yet another of my wacky creations with you all, and why not. This one was again shot down at the castle.This rather regal looking front door is certainly not mine! This door has always intrigued me, I can only imagine what life would have been like back
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Little Angels & Little Demons

Staying on the wedding theme one more time….. I’m going to mention those adorable little creatures that so very often and  inadvertently steal the limelight if not the entire show. This can be when they are behaving like little angels or indeed like little demons. I am referring to the children attending weddings. However, these little rogues
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YES. i Do!

I am frequently asked the question. Do you shoot weddings? Answer: Yes i Do! I cover (that should technically say ‘we’ cover) a limited number of weddings each year and thoroughly enjoy capturing all the excitement and emotion that goes along with each and every wedding.Every wedding is unique, just as every couple are unique, no two weddings
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Well That Was a Quick One!

Well that was a Quick One! Out with the old and in with the new. Allow me to take this opportunity to wish you all a HAPPY,HEALTH and PROSPEROUS 2016. And lets take a moment or two to remember those no longer with us.   It is my intention to continue to share some of
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Stephanie 4 of 4

Well, Not only does this bring us to the last in the 4 part blog featuring the lovely Stephanie. It brings us pretty close to the year end and what a year it has been. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new year will be just as good. I have a feeling this will
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Stephanie 3 of 4

Wearing not much more than a fur coat and a rather fancy lingerie set Stephanie gives us an insight to her glamorous side in this set of images. A touch of the Foxy Lady meets temptress look. While Stephanie can and does look ever so glamorous in gowns as in the previous post, here she brings
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Stephanie 2 of 4

Well, this is the second installment of the dynamic Stephanie. Here Stephanie is wearing some rather elegant gowns. I’ve thrown in a splash of colour into this post for the simple reason this gown just has to be seen in all it’s glorious technicolor, and secondly the gown itself is somewhat colourful.  

Stephanie 1 of 4

This is Stephanie…It would be a shame not to share her with you. I’m not going to waffle on as words are not really necessary. More of this young lady before the end of 2015.

Lady in Red

Lady in Red From a recent promotional shoot with the talented team at GSHB.               Model: Hannah Gunn Hair & Make Up: The Glasgow School of Hair and Beauty.

Simply Black & White

Don’t really need words here……….  

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