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Time Line

Time Line This is one of those scenarios where black and white sets ticks all the right boxes for me. The simple distraction that is colour itself is removed and we are left with the distraction that is in the shapely form of Stephanie. There’s a lot going on in this time line of images.
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Windows to the Soul

It is said they the eyes are the Windows to the Soul. Mesmerizing, they draw you into an image. Eyes are probably one of the most powerful attributes of the face. So many different looks can also be achieved with good grooming and the application of make-up. Here are a few different images from a
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Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and ghouls and more about costumes and candy. Trick or Treat is the cry of kids across the land as they run from door to door looking to fill bags with goodies. A wee Halloween TREAT to lift your spirits!   Halloween Facts: Halloween is the night before
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Beauty in the Landscape

Beauty in the landscape is from a very recent shoot with the lovely Hannah. For a few weeks I watched as farmers in the local area and across the country harvested their fields leaving in their tracks these huge bales of straw. These great shapes intrigued me to a point I simply had to do
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Mysterious Girl

Mysterious girl, another one from the archive.  This image is from a  shoot a while back. There was no specific structure or brief for the shoot, just a load of gowns, clobber and material; what we ended up with were some great images. If my memory serves me well the day was a bit of
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Dust Dance

When I found out she could dance the concept of Dust Dance just hit me. I knew straight away that it would again be something of a challenge. And a challenge it was. My concept was to create a set of images which illustrated dance and movement, but with the addition of something else. Something
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If you go down to the woods today

If you go down to the woods today…… Somehow I doubt if you would be so lucky as to find the amazing Rebecca. Rocking a wedding gown and a biker jacket…What a combo! What an image! What a girl!  

She Wolf

This shoot was a challenge from start to finish. So the concept of ‘She Wolf’ came to me and I thought…Wouldn’t it be great if I could  shoot on location with a real wolf. STOP! I said…Tom you live in Glasgow…where do you think you are going to find a wolf that you can work
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Big Bale of Straw

Here is another big bale of straw,this time from a slightly different angle. In this set the lovely Hannah is rocking the country farm girl look. Rather well might I just add. The weather on the night was eventually kind to me even though I got a soaking getting set up….it’s all part of the
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Old Girl

This ‘old girl’ is a 1961 Classic Alvis. And yes she is older than me! Bu a good few years too might I just add! This old lady is a beauty, her lines and curves are head-turners. When my colleague Martin called me about this shoot I at first miss understood exactly what he had
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