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Stephanie 3 of 4

Wearing not much more than a fur coat and a rather fancy lingerie set Stephanie gives us an insight to her glamorous side in this set of images. A touch of the Foxy Lady meets temptress look. While Stephanie can and does look ever so glamorous in gowns as in the previous post, here she brings
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Stephanie 2 of 4

Well, this is the second installment of the dynamic Stephanie. Here Stephanie is wearing some rather elegant gowns. I’ve thrown in a splash of colour into this post for the simple reason this gown just has to be seen in all it’s glorious technicolor, and secondly the gown itself is somewhat colourful.  

Stephanie 1 of 4

This is Stephanie…It would be a shame not to share her with you. I’m not going to waffle on as words are not really necessary. More of this young lady before the end of 2015.

Lady in Red

Lady in Red From a recent promotional shoot with the talented team at GSHB.               Model: Hannah Gunn Hair & Make Up: The Glasgow School of Hair and Beauty.

Simply Black & White

Don’t really need words here……….  


Trio was an obvious title for this shoot as it’s a shoot with three rather stunning young ladies. You’d never know from the images here, but the location for this rather glamorous shoot was a very dark eatery in the city’s west end. And when I say dark I mean it was dark. (nae light!)  Panic not
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Topsy Turvy Tutu

  Topsy Turvy Tutu   For this one I think my head might have been a little Topsy Turvy Tutu, however the Tutu looks not too bad, not to mention the rather attractive looking Kim wearing said tutu, of course it is the tutu that is the focal point of this image isn’t it? 😉 Who would take
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Timeless Classic

A timeless classic that is clear to see. This is another of those occasions where I’m in a monochrome state of mind. Striping back the complexity of colour to the bare tones of an image..immersing myself in shades of grey. The only colour I am interested in at this time is a fluid red. French in origin and
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Mono or Colour

Mono or Colour? The question that there is no definitive right or wrong answer for! With the software available at out fingertips these days the end result can be rather different from the original image out of the camera. This is a portrait which I shot against a bright yellow wall. It’s a rather striking
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Smokin Hot

Sometimes I come up with a wacky idea, some might even say MAD!  I might just fall into that later category! Wait! I must be….it’s part of the job description. Smokin Hot was created with the use of professional smoke bombs. Never having used smoke bombs before, I thought I’d give it a go. They
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